Top 5 Best Indian Fast Bowlers of All Time

India always produced best batsman’s in the cricket history.India is not famous for producing high class fast paced bowlers however it has definitely managed to produce a  handful of them who have surely been brilliant. Some of the greatest Indian fast bowlers who have done something for India in the fast bowling field and took good wicket in their career are :

5. Venkatesh Prasad (1994-2001)

This lanky young man proved his worth as a brilliant fast bowler and his ability to disguise slower ball earned him great success as a bowler. He was particularly effective for the team during one day matches and his bowling at England in 1996 was noticeable.In 33 he got 96 wickets with 35.00 bowling average.

4. Ajit Agarkar (1998-2007)

Ajit is another brilliant yet completely under rated fast bowler of India who was unfortunately mostly injured throughout his career. This caused him be unable to prove his worth as a fast bowler. He could have achieved a lot more if luck and health had been by his side. He has an impressive record of achieving 288 wickets in 191 matches that he played.

3. Javagal Srinath (1991-2003)

Srinath is also one of the best Indian fast bowler who got better as his career proceeded. It is said that when he retired, it was on Kapil Dev who had captured more wickets than him among the Indian bowlers although Zaheer Khan who came later surpassed that too. His performance as a fast pace bowler and swinger at the 2003 world cup at South Africa earned him great respect and accolades as a bowler.