Most Scored Pakistani Batsman Who are Those?

Pakistan is no doubt among the best cricket playing countries in the entire world which has produced a large number of super talented batsmen, bowlers and fielders. The top 7 most scored Pakistani batsmen are:

7. Mohammad Yousuf

Mohammad Yousaf is one of the best run getters of Pakistani cricket team who has an unbeaten record of most runs in a single year. He is known to have scored 1788 in the entire year of 2006. His batting is impressive, elegant and one of a kind.

pakistan batsman

Muhammad Yousaf a best test batsman of Pakistan

6. Younus Khan

He is the most famous Pakistani batsman and is known for his versatility. He is also known to have scored a triple century in a test match.He is very cool mind and always show friendly behavior.

5. Majid Khan

Majid Khan is among the top most victorious opening batsmen of Pakistan. His style is remembered for profound elegance and he is rightly known as the Magic Khan due to his splendid stork playing. He is among the very few batsmen of the world who were able to score a century before lunch break in a test match.

4: Zaheer Abbas

Zaheer Abbas is among the top most elegant batsmen ever produced in the history of cricket and he isrightly known as the Runs Machine for his superb talent to destroy any kind of bowling attack. At Edgbaston, he earned Pakistan 274 runs against England in one of the most memorable and classy ways. Zaheer is the only batsmen of Asian descent who has scored more than 100 centuries.

3. Inzamam Ul Haq

Inzamam is a exceptionally powerful hitter of the ball and one of the most outstanding cricketers who managed fast bowling in a great manner. He is rated as the second most run scorer of Pakistan and has a record of making 3 centuries in test cricket.

His batting average in test cricket is 52.57.