New Zealand vs Sri Lanka 5th ODI Highlights

New Zealand vs Sri Lanka 5th ODI

Martin Guptill’s 102 of 109 Balls

Match Analysis :

The ODI series has been ended up with the victory of New Zealand. New Zealand not only win the series but the outstanding performance of one of its bowler hypnotized the entire cricket lovers. Earlier the performance of Srilanka in first two ODIs was pathetic, so it was expected for black caps to win the series easily. But the revival of Srilankan team in the third ODI gave a breakthrough and eventually they became the reviving opponent for the Kiwis. Soon after the dismissal of fourth ODI due to heavy rain, the eyes of the entire cricket world set towards the fifth and the ginal ODI. Indeed it was hard for the balck caps to crack the nut as the skipper Brandum Mcculum was not playing due to a serious injury in the last match but Kane Williamson nicely took that responsibilty and drove out successfully. The final match has been played in Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui, and it was assumed that New Zealand never win the game there, but they proved their skills by showing their extra ordinary performances and denied the fact by winning the game in the same place.

Good Start By New Zealand:

Srilanka won the toss and they elected to field first, so Kiwis took a chance to come again into action to clean the game with good efforts. The start of New Zealand was amazing, they really showed a consistent piece of bating. Martin Guptil scored highest 102 in just 109 balls which was one of the important factor of their victory. The contribution of Ross Taylor and Kane Williamson can also be named as the key to success as they both scored 61in just 67 and 72 balls respectively. New Zealand’s consistant bating and less fall of wickets enabled them to get the game in their hands. Despite the huge lack of the skipper Brandum Mcculumm they really fought well and fulfilled the deficiency of Mcculum.

Srilankan Batting – FREQUENT DISMISSALS:

Soon after attaining the strong target by the opponent team, Srilanka started to jump into the game. The start of Srilankan batsmen was not up to the mark  as they continued to loosen up their wickets in the initial of the game. But somehow Denish Chandimal and Angelo Mathewes managed a way to survive in the game but the soft dismissals paved an easy path to their defeat. Milianda Siriwardene also contributed his best in such a pressurized situation, his two sixes and 3 foures gave a strenghth to the team. Partnership of Chandimal , Milinda siriwardne and Mathews gave a breakthrough which enhanced the chances of Srilankans to win but the constant loss of wickets was a main factor behind Lankans failure.

AN Outstanding Performance OF New Zealand Bowlers:

The way blacks caps performed and bowled out is really appreciatable. Without them they cannot achieve the status of a victorious team. The spell of Matt Henry was a huge contribution to the success as he bowled out 5 victims against only 40 runs. Henry was the pick of the bowlers with a 5 while Boult gave him an amazing support. It was really an explosive and blasting effort of Matt Henry due to which he was given the title of man of the match. Matt Henry has taken four or more wickets in his 18 ODI innings, including his 5 for 40 in this match. This was a remarkable distinction of New Zealand bowler ever in the history. Black caps had already ripped off the top order of Lankan batsmen very frequently but the partnership of Chandimal and Mathews however stabilsed the situation for sometime.

Srilankan Bowlers’s Effort In Vain:

The start of New Zealand batsmen was really amazing and encouraging but if we talk about the standards of Srilankan bowlers, they were not that much good. They were not able to dismiss the top order of black caps very fastly. In the mean while, black caps strongly held their positions and played consistently. Although Tom Latham did not perform well but the rest of the batsmen including Willamson, Taylor and Guptil compensated with a huge contribution. By the end of the innings Lankan bowlers grew a bit faster and dismissed five batsmen in total but at that moment New Zealand had already made its work which was quite enough for them to win the game.

Man of the Match:

As expected, the title of man of the match was given to Matt Henry for his fantabulous bowling against Srilanka. He bowled out five players in just 40 runs which was very few. His blasting and explosive achievement not only gave his team a stunning victory but also gave him a status of man of the match. Honestly speaking, without the huge contribution of Henry, it was a bit difficult for black caps to counter the game as Srilanka was getting the game steadily.


The ODI series has been ended up with the victory of New Zealand by 3-1. But this has left out many lessons for both the teams which could be very effective for them if they follow. First of all Srilanka must improve its bating performances, it really has a great talent but there are some impracticalities which are to be removed. Secondly both the teams needed more and more consistent playing which would definitly enhance and accelerate the level of the game.  Now the eyes are on the next T20 series between them and Srilanka is seeming more and more concious towards it as it already has a best rank in T20. Srilanka tried its best as a team to get the game and till the very end the team fought really well and through their best and competitive efforts they made the game more thrilling and enjoyable. Wishing all the best for both the teams in T20 series.