Top 10 Youngest Cricketers of all Time

Top 10 Youngest Cricketer in cricket History

For a game like cricket, age can play no hurdle in the success and talent of the players. This has been observed with the potential young players of all times have exhibited on the cricket pitches all over the world. Its right when people say that it’s not an easy job to play at an international level for it requires not just exceptional talents but also strong nerves, team compatibility and vigor to handle the pressure.

However young players have somehow managed to do it all, at times a lot better than the more professional and experienced cricketers. The top 10 youngest cricketers of all times to make a One Day International debut are:

10.Nadeem Ahmed

Nadeem Ahmed was 16 years and 294 days when he made his debut in July 2004. He is from Hong kong team and is the tenth youngest player to play in ODI cricket.

Nadeem Ahmed

Nadeem Ahmed in the list of RECORD makers


9.Talha Jubair

Talha is another player from Bangladesh who was 16 years and 287 days when he made his debut against New Zealand in 2002 of September.

8.Md Ashraful

Ashraful is from Bangaldesh and was only 16 years and 278 days when he made his first ODI debut against Zimbawe in April of the year 2001.

7.Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is from India and is surely a name that is considered as the god of cricket. He began playing cricket for the first time in December 1989 against Pakistan. He has played a good 20 years and got retirement from ODI only recently.

6.Ramveer Rai

Ramveer Rai is from UAE and he was only 16 years and 229 days when he first made his debut as an ODI cricketer in a match against Sri Lanka. He made this debut in July of 2004.

5.Shahid Afridi

This super talented cricketer was just 16 years and 215 days when he made his debut for Pakistan team against Kenya in 1996. 14 years have passed and this man has only gotten better with each match.

4. Aaqib Javed

Aaqib Javed was 16 years and 127 days when he made his debut for the Pakistan national ODI team against West Indies in the December of 1988.